A world-wide operating company

Just after a few years the German brand with American roots is already internationally renowned.
In America, Ground Zero has been the leading manufacturer for subwoofers with large surrounds. Today the company with its worldwide distribution in more than 50 countries offers a complete range of over 200 car hifi products, all developed in Germany.
The Ground Zero brand, which is trademarked world-wide, is one of the world’s most respected names in car hifi. The best evidence is provided by comparison-tests in independent trade magazines in which the Ground Zero products have consistently placed by the winner’s circle with best ratings for price / performance, features and quality.

Story of success

The company Ground Zero was founded in Frankfurt, Germany, by Karl F. Lautner and
Peter Unterharnscheidt under the name of Ultimate Sound / MaGmA GmbH. From the very beginning, the company focused on distribution of outstanding car hifi products ”Made in USA“.

The revolution of subwoofer construction!
In cooperation with the speaker designer Bob Carver, the American company Ground Zero developed an unprecedented subwoofer construction that was able to produce lowest bass with extreme levels in tiny enclosures. Huge, strong surrounds, oversized magnets, extremely heavy cones and more incredible construction details that have been unimaginable till then, caused a sensation
in the Car Hifi scene. The current Ground Zero GmbH took over the rights of sale for these subwoofers in the european market.

The company moved to the town Egmating near Munich and got the complete trademark rights for Europe. From there on, the development of all products and service took place there. The GZ-typical subwoofer construction details were improved continuously, the product range has been completed by powerful amplifiers and high quality speakersystems.

The first subwoofers designed in Germany (GZPW 15 & GZNW 15) were able
to set new sound pressure records measured by autohifi.
Autohifi 04/2000
“With these results, the Ground Zero sub should be worldwide unrivaled”

The first digital high power amplifiers developed in Germany caused a
sensation – the GZPA 1.3000D is the most powerful mono amplifier on
the market at that time.
Autohifi 04/2002
“…by far the most powerful mono amplifier know by the editorial staff”

In this year, the company, took over the worldwide trademark rights of the brand „Ground Zero“ and the company was renamed to ”Ground Zero GmbH“.

A new voice coil type with 8 layer flat wire and 4 x 1 Ohm helped the GZPW 15XQ to become the best 15” subwoofer.
Autohifi 04/2004
“The Ground Zero Plutonium GZPW 15XQ is the most explosive 15″ woofer the editorial staff has ever seen.”

Ground Zero manufactured the meanwhile legendary SPL woofers from Nuclear and Plutonium series. These woofers are able to provide unbelievable SPL Power ratings up to 10.000 W. Numerous world records in many classes of dB Drag competitions were setted with those GZ – SPL Subwoofers – almost countless awards of the specialized press followed. Since this year, yellow stands for thoroughgoing subwoofers that are able to produce pressure levels beyond all imagination.

The company expanded and moved to the newly built company building including an own warehouse near Munich.

Due to their long achievement in subwoofer designing, Ground Zero has
been voted to ”Best Brand“ at the renowned reader’s choice of the German
autohifi – magazine. Even internationally, the Ground Zero Subwoofers
stand in the forefront – the GZPW 15SPL is appointed to the
”European Mobile Subwoofer of the year“ by EISA.

The giantic GZPA 2.20000SPL brakes all existing power rating records. This year was also the hour of birth for the new enclosures. Starting from Radioactive line, all enclosures got a new, noble design with an illuminated plexiglas front.
Autohifi 03/2008
“…strongest amplifier ever tested by autohifi”
Autohifi readers choice award 2008
“High End amplifier of the year”

Ground Zero expands the product range with the High End Sound Quality Plutonium Reference line which impressed right away. Handmade speakers, crossovers “Made in Germany” and precious amplifiers with selected parts and noble materials persuade the international press and Sound Quality competitors.

CAR & HIFI 01/2009
“High End sound paired with enormous stability – the Reference 4 sets new standards!”
Autohifi 04/2009
“Ground Zero clearly reached the High- End- level with this amplifier.”
Beside the great success of the new High End Line, the Dual Power compo-system GZPC 165SX + GZPK 160K sets new records – it‘s SPL exceeds the maximum possible measurement level from autohifi.
Autohifi 04/2009
“The Ground Zero not only got the maximum score at features and workmanship, it also broke the existing level record.”

The most significant company maxim was, is and will remain: maximum operating safety, longevity and sound quality of the Ground Zero products in every market with every model. These are the points that make a well known and appreciated brand out of Ground Zero. The car hifi world now anxiously waits to learn what new and pleasurable audio experiences Ground Zero will bring them in the future.

To know about Ground Zero, check out their website, click the Ground Zero logo.