Back in the 90’s, the electrical engineering student, Juliano Anflor, decided to develop a car audio amplifier as a college project. What started as a hobby, turned into a passion, and some years later into the business of his life.

Always innovating and searching for new technologies, Soundigital has earned its share of the Market in a small period of time and has become the apple of the eyes of well-known and demanding professionals of this segment. The brand’s products can be found in over 40 countries around the globe nowadays.

Soundigital’s Competition Division, named TEAM SOUNDIGITAL is the current holder of several important scores and records. The highest scores ever achieved in SPL (Sound Pressure Level), Pancadão and Trio belong to competitors of the team.


The good relation is one of our team’s work directives. The customers’ satisfaction comes in first place, being constructed by relations based in Ethics, Transparency and Trust.

Innovation is part of Soundigital’s DNA. The continuous search for new technologies, the creation of products with high power and quality, are additive factors for the company’s growth.

To know about Soundigital Amplifiers, check out their website, click the SounDigital logo.