“Standartplast” Group is privately held company located in Ivanovo, Russian Federation. The company was established in 1996 as a scientific researcher in the field of acoustic integration.

During the 20 years of experience in production and R&D, STP creates Comfort, Safety, Health and Acoustic advantage for its customers. The company managed to build strong relationship with worldwide distributors and dealers because of reliable and loyal partnership.

The mission of the STP is to solve problems of vibration and noise of different applications. To achieve the mission, the company develops technologies and produces materials for:

  • vibro-damping
  • sound insulation
  • sound absorption
  • thermal protection

The STP products are applied in different fields such as acoustic tuning of a car, architectural acoustic, industrial sound insulation, and primary market of vehicles production.

Standartplast has its own scientific laboratory with a good experience in vibro-acoustic research and development. It helps the company to create products with such competitive advantages as high quality, efficiency, ease of use, wide assortment and reasonable price.

STP is first-tier supplier to OEMs! “Standartplast” is supplier of sound insulation materials for Volkswagen, Ford Sollers, Nissan, Treves, Faurecia, Magna, Gaz, AutoVaz, UAZ and other automotive plants.

To know about STP Soundproofing, check out their website, click the STP logo.